AFSCME-PCT Frequently Asked Questions

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Facts about UC’s implementation of pay increases and benefits for patient care technical employees

After more than a year of negotiations with AFSCME, and completion of legally required impasse procedures, UC has decided to implement a wage increase and benefits for its patient care technical employees. Below are answers to key questions about UC’s decision.

Q. What is UC implementing for patient care technical employees?
A. UC is implementing the following for all UC patient care technical employees:

  • A 2 percent across-the-board pay increase. Overall compensation for UC patient care technical staff is currently at or above market and this pay increase helps ensure salaries for patient care technical employees remain market-competitive;
  • Health benefits at the same 2018 rates as other UC employees with similar salaries;
  • Parking at the same rates currently paid by other UC employees at each location;
  • UC’s retirement options choice program, which provides future patient care technical employees with a choice between UC’s defined benefit pension plan or a defined contribution 401(k)-style plan. Current patient care technical employees will see NO CHANGE in their pension benefits.

Unions representing UC clerical employees, lecturers, librarians and campus physicians have agreed to UC’s retirement choice program for their members. 

Q. When will I see the pay increase in my paycheck?
A. Pay increases will be reflected in November paychecks, depending on your pay schedule:

  • Biweekly: Increase will be reflected in your Nov. 28 paycheck
  • Monthly: Increase will be reflected in your Nov. 30 paycheck

Q. Why is UC taking this action?
A. Negotiations with AFSCME have gone on for more than a year, and UC and AFSCME have completed all legally required impasse procedures, including state-assisted mediation and factfinding. UC has decided to implement certain terms in order to provide patient care technical employees with raises and good benefits for the near-term. Our goal, however, remains to reach a long-term contract with AFSCME.

Q. Is it legal for UC to do this?
A. Yes. Since all legally required impasse procedures, including mediation and factfinding, have been completed, UC is legally allowed to implement these pay increases and benefits.

Q. Does this mean negotiations are over?
A. The pay increase is a one-time increase and the rates for healthcare benefits reflect 2018 rates. At some point, UC and AFSCME will need to return to the bargaining table to negotiate a multi-year contract.

Q. How (and why) are the implemented terms different than UC’s final settlement offer?
A. The 2% pay increase UC is implementing is slightly less than the 3% UC offered AFSCME in its Aug. 29 final settlement offer. UC’s implemented terms also do not include the one-time $750/employee payment or the $25 limit on monthly health insurance premium increases in UC’s final offer. UC’s final settlement offer to AFSCME, which the union rejected, was in exchange for a multi-year contract and to bring negotiations to an end. We believe our final settlement offer was a very fair proposal, and we’re disappointed AFSCME rejected it.