An Updated Note to Service and Patient Care Technical Employees

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Clock off money

The holidays are coming, and you have no contract.
The more time goes by, the more YOU LOSE.

If AFSCME leaders had accepted UC’s settlement offers, ALL service employees would have received a total 6% pay increase by now, ALL patient care employees would have received a 3% pay increase, and every eligible service and patient care employee would have received an additional $750.

No contract means no guaranteed pay increases.

Here is how much money average AFSCME-represented employees have missed in EVERY PAYCHECK because union leaders rejected UC’s offers:

$118 each paycheck

Respiratory Therapist

$109 each paycheck

Building Maintenance Worker

$108 each paycheck

Radiologic Technologists

$107 each paycheck


$92 each paycheck

Senior Custodian

$91 each paycheck

Food Service Worker

Isn’t it time you had a contract?