AFSCME Bargaining Update

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Service and Patient Care Technical Employees

Contract delays are costing you a lot of money.

Here is how much money average service and patient care technical employees have missed because AFSCME leaders continue to reject UC’s offers:



Missed pay raises from 2018 UC settlement offers (6%)* Lost pay from 2018-19 strikes
(8 days)
Total missed pay Missed one-time payment
(3/8/19 offer)
Total missed $$$
Patient Care Technical          
Respiratory Therapist 6,117 3,125 9,242 2,000 $11,242
Radiologic Technologist 5,598 2,860 8,458 2,000 $10,458
Vocational Nurse 4,022 2,055 6,077 2,000 $8,077
Building Maintenance Worker 2,839 1,450 4,289 2,000 $6,289
Groundskeeper 2,780 1,420 4,200 2,000 $6,200
Senior Custodian 2,395 1,224 3,619 2,000 $5,619
Food Service Worker 2,353 1,202 3,555 2,000 $5,555

*Based on average annual salaries for each classification.

We know how hard you work and we appreciate all you do for UC. We have been trying for almost two years to negotiate an agreement with AFSCME leaders that recognizes your contributions and dedication with guaranteed pay raises and excellent benefits. We think our offers have been very fair, and that you deserved the chance to vote on them.

We will continue to do everything we can to get you a fair contract as soon as possible, but an agreement requires compromise from both sides

We don’t want you to miss any more money!

You deserve a contract!

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