UC to seek state-assisted mediation in UPTE negotiations

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Due to a lack of progress and more than a year of bargaining for a contract covering healthcare professional staff, UC has informed the University Professional and Technical Employees (UPTE) union that it will ask the state Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) to certify negotiations are at an impasse and appoint a mediator to assist in negotiations. UC hopes that a state-appointed mediator will help pave the way for an agreement.

UC has been bargaining in good faith with UPTE for more than a year and is deeply disappointed with the lack of progress and what UC views as UPTE’s financially unrealistic proposals. Throughout negotiations, UC has offered fair, multi-year proposals that include guaranteed wage increases and excellent health and retirement benefits that fairly compensate you and your colleagues for the valuable work you perform every day.

By contrast, UPTE continues to demand unrealistic pay increases that are nearly three times what most other UC employees receive.

UC has offered:

  • Guaranteed pay increases for next four years: Annual 2 percent across-the-board increases for all bargaining unit members in salary ranges over the life of the contract, plus additional, enhanced equity increases for some employees based on local markets. UC’s proposed increases would help ensure your pay remains competitive.
  • Quality health benefits: Excellent health benefits for you and your family at the same rates as other UC employees with similar salaries.
  • Excellent retirement benefits: Current employees will see no change in their pension benefits. Future employees hired after a new contract is ratified would be given a choice between a traditional pension plan and a 401(k)-style plan. UC’s retirement benefits under its choice program are among the most generous in the market – few employers offer this kind of choice or a pension plan. Offering future employees this choice will not harm the pension benefits of current employees.
  • Long-term stability: A four-year contract that provides both employees and the university with stability through 2021.

UPTE proposal financially unrealistic: Unfortunately, UPTE leaders are seeking large, double-digit pay increases — 16.5 - 22% over the term of the agreement — that are financially unrealistic and are out-of-line with increases for other UC employees.

You deserve a contract and salary increases without further delay.

More information at  https://ucal.us/upte