A Note to Service & Patient Care Technical Employees

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The longer AFSCME waits, the more YOU LOSE

Here is how much money average patient care and service employees have missed in EACH PAYCHECK because AFSCME rejected UC’s settlement offers:

$118 each paycheck

Respiratory Therapist

$109 each paycheck

Building Maintenance Worker

$108 each paycheck

Radiologic Technologist

$107 each paycheck


$92 each paycheck

Senior Custodian

$91 each paycheck

Food Service Worker

You deserve a contract — not more conflict!

Did you know that AFSCME leaders bused people around the state for last week’s strike who don’t even work at your — or any — UC location in an effort to create chaos, inconvenience patients, interfere with employees coming to work, and disrupt operations?

If AFSCME leaders have enough energy and resources for a strike, shouldn’t they spend the same amount of effort negotiating a contract for you?

We think you deserve better.

As we did for service workers over the summer, we are giving patient care staff 2% pay increases that will be reflected in November paychecks:

  • Biweekly employees: Increase will be reflected in your Nov. 28 paycheck
  • Monthly employees: Increase will be reflected in your Nov. 30 paycheck

More information available at http://ucal.us/afscme