AFSCME Bargaining Update

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Service and Patient Care Technical Employees


UC presents AFSCME with enhanced offer —
it’s time for a contract!

On May 24, AFSCME returned to the bargaining table with UC, and UC presented the union with a new, enhanced proposal — highlights of UC’s offer:


  • In response to union concerns, UC is willing to agree to subcontract only under a defined set of circumstances.
  • UC also offered to give AFSCME leaders greater input in, and more advance notice about, subcontracting decisions.
  • UC is already barred from terminating an employee due to sub-contracting, and from subcontracting solely to save on wages and benefits.


In response to AFSCME’s concerns about UC’s Retirement Choice Program, UC has offered to let AFSCME leaders decide, on a one-time basis, if future employees will still be offered a choice between UC’s traditional pension plan and a 401(k)-style plan, or only the pension option.

Health Benefits

Quality health benefits at the same rates as other UC employees with similar salaries, plus a $25 cap for any monthly premium increases for UC’s Kaiser and Health Net Blue & Gold plans.


3% annual pay increases for service and patient care staff (2% across-the- board plus step increases for patient care technical employees at UCSF/UCLA), plus a one-time $2,000 payment for all eligible staff upon an agreement.


Contract delays are costing employees a lot of money.

Here is how much money average service and patient care technical employees have missed because AFSCME leaders continue to reject UC’s offers:



Missed pay raises from 2018 UC settlement offers (6%)* Lost pay from 2018-19 strikes
(9 days)
Total missed pay Missed one-time payment
(3/8/19 offer)
Total missed $$$
Patient Care Technical          
Respiratory Therapist 6,117 3,515 $9,632 2,000 $11,632
Radiologic Technologist 5,598 3,217 8,815 2,000 10,815
Vocational Nurse 4,022 2,313 6,335 2,000 8,335
Building Maintenance Worker 2,839 1,631 4,470 2,000 6,470
Groundskeeper 2,780 1,597 4,377 2,000 6,377
Food Service Worker 2,353 1,350 3,703 2,000 5,703

*Based on average annual salaries for each classification.

You deserve a contract — and a VOTE on UC’s offers!