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Hello, and welcome to In the Know—your go-to place for current and reliable labor relations information. 

It’s important to note that negotiations for full contracts of our systemwide bargaining units with unions are conducted by the University of California, not local campuses or health systems.

We know you may hear differing information about the status of union negotiations from various sources, so we wanted to make sure you are equipped with facts and information about what UCSF, UCSF Health and the University of California are doing and why.

UCSF and UCSF Health have a truly exceptional work force. Thank you for all you contribute, every day, to help UCSF and UCSF Health achieve its mission of caring, healing, teaching and discovery.

We invite you to check this site often. Questions are welcomed.


May 2, 2019

Facts about AFSCME member growth and UC’s use of contracts

Apr 15, 2019

Dear colleague: I am writing to let you know that UC is increasing your wages and providing you with good health and retirement benefits. As we informed you, we recently presented the leaders of your union, the University Professional and Technical Employees (UPTE) union, with a final settlement offer that included:

Apr 15, 2019

Service and Patient Care Technical Employees Contract delays are costing you a lot of money. Here is how much money average service and patient care technical employees have missed because AFSCME leaders continue to reject UC’s offers:

Apr 4, 2019

Important information for union-represented staff about joining AFSCME’s April 10 one-day strike

Apr 4, 2019

Information for UC employees about coming to work during a strike Your union is once again asking you to strike on April 10th. Below is some important information about your right to work during a strike, and what you can do if you feel threatened, harassed and/or intimidated by union representatives about coming to work during a strike.